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Alianz Assistance

Nepal Earthquake

Nepal Earthquake – Important information for Allianz Global Assistance customers.

This information applies to customers who are concerned or affected by the recent earthquake in Nepal.

This statement is current as at 28th April 2015. We may provide further updates, as and when new information becomes available.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has issued the following information and advice:

‘A major earthquake occurred at 11.45 local time on 25 April in Nepal. The epicentre was 81kms west of Kathmandu. Aftershocks are continuing, and a smaller earthquake occurred at around 13.00 local time on 26 April. There has been extensive damage to buildings. There are reports of avalanches in the Macchaputre and Everest regions.

The FCO  advises against all but essential travel to Nepal. If you are in a safe place, we urge you to stay where you are, until it is safe to leave. Please follow any advice provided by the local authorities. If you can leave Nepal safely, then we encourage you to do so.

What you should do, if you are affected

If you are a British national, currently in Nepal, and wish to inform the FCO of your whereabouts, you should contact them by:
•    completing the online form
•    emailing help@fco.gov.uk
•    calling us on +44 207 008 0000; and
•    texting NEPAL to +447860010026. You’ll then receive a reply. Please respond with your details, keeping your text message to 160 characters or less. You may encounter network difficulties and text charges will vary, dependent on the network in that region.

Advice for Allianz Global Assistance customers in Nepal

For your safety, we urge you, wherever possible, to follow the the advice provided by the FCO.
If you require emergency medical assistance, please contact the 24hr emergency telephone number as shown on your policy documentation or on the following numbers:

Outside UK: +44 20 8686 1666
Within UK: 020 8686 1666

For customers who have trips booked to Nepal

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office have advised against all but essential travel to Nepal.
Please contact your travel provider to ascertain the current position regarding the possible transfer of any travel plans you may have made with them or for refund, if the travel arrangements are cancelled.

In the event that your trip is cancelled and a refund is provided by the travel company with whom you have booked, Allianz Global Assistance will, where a single trip policy has been purchased, provide a full refund of the premium you have paid.