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Top 20: Travel Tips

Wherever our holidays take us, we all want to travel with peace of mind. There’s always a long checklist of things to consider before you start your travels, regardless of whether you’re planning a year of international backpacking or a short family break.

Prepare for your holiday with confidence by following our fail-safe travel advice. Our top travel tips below will help you to ensure your next trip is as smooth, comfortable and safe as possible. Read on, relax and enjoy your well-earned break!

Before You Travel

  • Always make sure you travel with adequate travel insurance. A medical emergency can completely wipe out your savings.

  • Be aware of any current travel alerts or warnings from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Get the latest information for your journey and destination using the FCO website.

  • Take a photocopy of important documents, including your passport and medical prescriptions; this will make them easier to replace if they are lost.

  • Pack prescription medicine in its original, marked containers with the full prescription label on it, so that government officials won’t question whether the drug is illegal or not.

  • Covered luggage tags help to protect any important details from rubbing off. You should always use the details of an alternative address, rather than your home address.

  • Keep valuable items like jewellery, iPads, cameras etc. in your hand luggage. Do not pack them in your checked-in luggage.

  • If you are travelling by plane, Seat Guru offers passengers the opportunity to view the seat layout of airplanes and read passenger views of the best (and worst) seats to choose.

  • Familiarise yourself with the restrictions on the items you can carry in your hand luggage and hold luggage. If in doubt, check the gov.uk website.

  • If you are flying, arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes before a domestic flight, and two to three hours before an international flight.

During Your Flight

  • Remember to stay hydrated, especially on long-haul flights. It makes jet lag just that little bit easier to get over!

  • Bring a stash of high quality protein bars, cereal bars or dried fruit, which are much healthier alternatives to in-flight snacks.

  • Be prepared for take-off and landing - boiled sweets, sugar-free gum and hard mints are some of the best ways to stop your ears from popping.

If You Are Travelling By Boat

  • Some travellers recommend packing dried ginger root (available in heath stores) to combat sea and motion sickness.

During Your Trip Abroad

  • Be discreet; do not flash large amounts of money or your passport in public. You may want to consider a pre-paid card that you can load your travel currency onto before you travel.

  • Carry a limited amount of money and leave any excess cash along with your passport in the hotel safe if possible. Keep a photocopy of your passport and any other important documents on your person.

  • Be wary of pickpockets. They often work in teams and in places you may not expect. If possible, use a cross body bag or money belt to keep your valuables out of reach.

  • Familiarise yourself with the laws governing the region or country you are visiting.

  • If you do not speak the local language, learn a few key phrases in case you need assistance, or download a foreign dictionary app.

  • Be cautious when using free public Wi-Fi (either at home or abroad). Limit logging into bank accounts and other sites where your sensitive information may be held.

  • Use common sense; don’t walk in unfamiliar areas at night, don’t accept rides in unmarked taxis, and don’t accept packages with unknown contents.