Alianz Assistance

Travel to Tunisia

Important information for Allianz Global Assistance customers

In view of the recent Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice on travel to Tunisia, Allianz Global Assistance would like to advise our customers as follows:

•    If you are coming back from Tunisia following the FCO advice and have been forced to cut-short your trip as a result, then please speak with your tour-operator/ travel provider in the first instance in order to obtain a refund for the unused part of the trip. If you have unused excursions that cannot be refunded by the tour operator or travel provider, then please submit a claim as outlined in your policy wording.

•    If you have not yet travelled on your holiday to Tunisia and cannot as a result of the FCO advice, please contact your tour operator or travel provider for a full refund. If your travel company cannot refund you your money, you may be able to ask them to rearrange your holiday destination or date.

•    If you have bought a single trip policy for Tunisia and you cannot now travel and are not submitting a claim, then Allianz Global Assistance will refund your policy premium in full.

•    If you have bought a single trip policy for Tunisia and you would like to travel to another destination or on another date, please contact Allianz Global Assistance so that we can make the appropriate changes for you.

•    If you have any questions about what is or isn’t covered under your Allianz Global Assistance policy then please feel free to call us.

FCO latest travel advice:
Contact us: 0371 200 0428