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Valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is a bit like marmite! Regardless of relationship status, it seems to be loved and loathed in equal measures.
This year, we here at Allianz Global Assistance have decided to embrace Saint Valentine and all of its romance and clichés. We have come up with some winning formulas for a perfect Valentine’s Day including crucially, the appropriate flowers to have delivered, according to Victorian tradition.

For those in the throes of a new romance

Flowers: Go with the traditional red rose, which is synonymous with passionate love. Not been bold enough to say those three little words to your new partner yet? Say it in flowers with a delivery of beautiful red tulips – meaning a declaration of love.

Gifts: Show the new love in your life just how much you care about them by taking the time to give a truly personal, handmade gift. There are plenty of websites out there providing ideas and instructions and Pinterest offers some great inspiration.
If you’re not creative yourself don’t panic - handmade, personalised products are enjoying somewhat of a comeback, no knitted jumper from Granny in sight! There’s now an array of small businesses around the UK offering beautiful and unusual gifts for him and for her. They enable you to put your individual stamp on them, without the stress of paper mache and a glue gun. Check out websites such as for ideas.

Staying in: If you’re in a new relationship, we advocate going for all out cheesy romance in all of its unashamed glory! Spend a bit extra on a special bottle of wine, light candles, make a romantic play list and feat on the food of love! 
For some great Valentine’s recipes, take a look at:

Getting away: Here in the UK we are only a stone’s throw away from some of Europe’s most romantic cities.
Low cost air travel and great deals on hotels at this time of year mean that it might not be as expensive as you think to whisk your new beau away for a romantic mini-break. With the atmosphere and backdrop of destinations such as Venice, Florence, Vienna or of course the city of love itself Paris, you won’t need much more to create the perfect Valentine’s weekend:

For those in a long term relationship

Flowers: A delivery of red and white roses symbolises unity and love.
Gifts: If you’ve been together a long time, it can be difficult to think of new gift ideas. Why not mix things up by buying your loved one a gift experience. Have they been meaning to take up golf since the day you met, do they dream of speaking another language or do they yearn to bake cakes like Mary Berry? Whatever it has they have been promising themselves and you for all these years, help them make it happen.

Staying in: Ok so you have dinner together most nights but put the romance back into mealtime this Valentine’s Day with a classic date night. Invite your partner to a delicious meal in your own kitchen but pull out all the stops. Cook your favourites, buy the best bottle of fizz you can afford, enforce a strict no TV rule and throw diets out of the window. Get dressed up and recreate the excitement of those first dates. 

Get away: If you’ve been together for a long time, why not step away from the ordinary and do something new. Cheer up winter blues with a unique Valentines getaway that includes a bit of adventure.
Whatever your budget, there’s a whole world at your feet to explore together. Whether that’s a safari tour in the wilds of South Africa or in the Garden of England, Kent; Wine tasting in the south of France or the vineyards of the south of England; glamping in the Spanish sunshine or along the rugged coastline of Cornwall; a horse riding tour along the hidden trails of traditional Portugal or along the award winning beaches of Wales. Let Saint Valentine inspire to make your dreams and ambitions come true this February.

For those enjoying single life

Being single doesn’t mean there’s no love in your life. Use the opportunity to celebrate the unique bond you share with your best friends.

Flowers: Send yellow roses, the symbol of friendship, to those who play an important part in your life.

Gifts: Get your best friend’s Valentine’s Day off to a good start with an e-card in their inbox. Surprise them with a gift they’ll love. Do they need a little pampering? Something as simple as a new lipstick could remind them of how special they are. Guys, indulge your bromance with your best friend and show them how much they mean to you (in a manly way of course!). Gifts for men include tickets to your team’s next football or rugby match, a day on the golf course or even a new game for their Xbox!

Staying in: Good food is best when shared between good friends. So get your pals over for a slap up dinner and indulge in the finer things in life – without the worry of spinach in your teeth or bolognaise down your dress. Top it off with your favourite cocktails, great music and a great gossip to celebrate just being you. A good night in isn’t just for the girls. Lads, make the effort to swap the takeaway for a homemade curry and get your mates over for a night of laughs, without the pressure of trying to impress the ladies. Enjoy man time, doing man things, talking about man stuff!

Get away: Ok so we’ve not persuaded you with our recipe for a good night in. Then let loose in one of Europe’s most renowned party cities – our very own London. Whatever your style, London’s eclectic party scene will have something to suit you. So get your friends together and show London how you rock being single.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all from the team at Allianz Global Assistance!