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Easter Traditions Around The World

Did you know that the Easter bunny does not visit everyone? If you are thinking of taking an Easter holiday, let these weird and wonderful traditions from around the world inspire your trip.


Easter in Finland looks a bit like Halloween in the UK, as they celebrate both Christian and Pagan traditions. Young children (especially girls) dress up as Easter witches,  knock on peoples doors and present them with a willow twig in exchange for sweets.

Czech Republic

Forget Cadbury’s, Easter eggs in the Czech Republic, called ‘kraslice’, are decorated by each family according to their own traditions. These eggs may exhibit the use of special techniques or designs that are particular to the region the family comes from.


If you love chocolate, you would have loved the record breaking Easter Egg created in Argentina in 2012. Towering over 8.5 metres high 5 metres wide, the egg required a reported 4,000 kgs of chocolate and involved 27 bakeries in the production. The only problem? The heat meant you had to get there quick to see it before it melted!


The Easter Bunny is actually a bit of a pest in Australia – in fact, the species was introduced by the British and is a huge threat to other wildlife as they compete for food and shelter. The Easter bilby is an alternative symbol of Easter in Australia and aims to educate young Australians on the damage that Rabbits cause, and to help conserve the endangered bilby. Chocolate bilbies are enjoyed by Australian children and even Cadbury’s make them!

Central America

In Central American countries such as Antigua, Easter is celebrated in a very colourful fashion as beautiful street carpets are created from sand and sawdust by local families and businesses. These are the back drop to the processions that run through the city streets every Sunday during the month of lent.