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European Destinations for Chocolate Lovers

Europe has a long history with chocolate, dating back to its arrival on Spanish shores in the 16th Century. Europe’s chocolatiers have been honing their craft since then, with chocolate in all shapes and sizes now to be found in every corner of the continent.
European countries including Germany, Switzerland and the UK remain some of the biggest consumers of chocolate worldwide. If you are a chocolate lover, choose from our European destinations below to find your spring sugar hit.

Cologne, Germany

Cologne plays host to the impressive Imhoff Shokoladen Museum, which features a collection of treasures showing the history of chocolate, beginning with the Mayan and Aztec civilisations. The Museum also features a working production line, where visitors can watch chocolate being transformed from bean to bar, and a three metre high chocolate fountain with a continuing flow of Lindt chocolate.

Brussels, Belgium

Belgium is rightly recognised as the home of luxury chocolate. The emphasis here is on quality, with the finest cacao used in high concentrations to pack a punch when it comes to flavour. From chocolate boutiques owned by innovative chocolatiers such as Jean Galler and Pierre Marcolini, to the traditional Wittamer shop, which supplies chocolate to Belgium’s royal family, Brussels promises a chocolate treat for every taste. Join a chocolate walking tour to make sure you don’t miss any of the city’s chocolate hotspots whilst taking in some of Brussel’s most beautiful buildings.

Broc, Switzerland

The Swiss are the world’s biggest chocolate consumers, eating more chocolate per head than any other nation worldwide. Broc is the destination of the Swiss Chocolate Train, which transports passengers from Montreux to Broc’s legendary Maison Cailler, one of Switzerland’s oldest chocolate factories. The train travels through beautiful alpine scenery before arriving at the picturesque Cailler factory, where visitors can enjoy a tour before having their fill of Swiss chocolate in the on-site shop and café.

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg is the birthplace of the Mozartkugel, a chocolate invented by chocolatier Paul Fürst in the 19th Century and named after Salzburg’s most famous resident - Mozart. Mozartkugel contains a core of pistachio, marzipan and nougat, coated in dark or milk chocolate. Today there are four Fürst patisseries in Salzburg, each selling Mozartkugel in line with the original 1890 recipe. Another Austrian chocolate original not to be missed it the Sachertorte. Enjoy the famous chocolate torte at its very best at the Sacher café on the banks of the river Salzbach.

Birmingham, UK

Perhaps not the most glamorous of chocolate destinations, but Birmingham is a true nirvana for Cadbury addicts. Cadbury World, located in Bourneville, offers a Willy Wonka style chocolate factory experience, including an Aztec jungle, 4D cinema and adventure play area. Also boasting the world’s largest Cadbury shop, Cadbury World is every sweet-toothed child’s dream. Check their website in advance of your visit for details of special events, including the annual Easter Extravaganza.