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Top Photo Editing Apps!

Remember those days, when our post-holiday blues could only be cured by the excitement of developing the films from our throw-away cameras? We’d sit out an agonising three day wait, before finally opening a collection of photos full of unflattering angles, red-eye, badly timed blinking, and bodies with their head chopped off.

Now, in the days of Facebook, selfies and the camera phone, we don’t have to deal with either the wait or the disappointment. We can instantly share our favourite photos, delete the worst, hide our blemishes, fine tune colour contrasts, add text or filters, crop people out…. the options are limitless. Heck, with the rapid development of editing technology we can all look like supermodels!

So if you’re going on holiday this year and you want to capture every moment in true style, we’ve been investigating some of the best photo editing apps to help:


Iron out your wrinkles, hide the bags under your eyes and whiten your teeth without having to go anywhere near a plastic surgeon. Use this app to touch up the imperfections and present the very best version of you and your friends.


Used by photographers, this app improves the quality of the photos you take as well as enhances your images through a suite of great editing tools. VSCO saves images as you edit so you can view and modify your changes, as well as apply edits to multiple photos.


Have fun and be creative with your photos; add word balloons, play with colours, decorate with stickers and symbols – let your imagination run wild. 


Another great tool for fine tuning your photos and adjusting features such as focus and colour, as well as adding a range of filters. A highlight is the Selective Adjust feature which allows you to make very precise enhancements to specific areas of your photos.


An easy to use app with a great range of quality filters to enhance your images. If you have time to dig a little deeper, there are split toning options which give you complete control over light and shade.


Instagram allows you to edit, filter and share your photos with a global community, and remains at the heart of the modern-day photo sharing culture that crosses geographical boundaries.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop is the daddy of software-based photo editing and now they have extended their expertise to an easy-to-use, instant app. Less tools and filters than the software program but still impressive and a great way to improve your images.

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