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Why Adventure Travel and Annual Travel Insurance go hand in hand

It’s easy to make assumptions about what adventure travel entails. Most imagine extreme sports reserved for the most daring adrenaline junkies - free falling 150 ft from a cliff edge, live volcano boarding, trying to dodge an avalanche on a heli-ski. In reality, adventure travel isn’t necessarily any of those things.

Adventure Travel is actually defined as a type of travel in which holidaymakers explore remote and exotic locations and enjoy outdoor activities. This could be anything from walking to kayaking; surfing to cycling. So if you like getting lost in the culture and wilderness of a place and taking trips that involve some kind of physical activity, Adventure Travel is part of your average holiday.

When it comes to travel insurance, this is all good news – it’s surprising how many activities come under the umbrella of Adventure Travel and are automatically covered by your insurance policy. You can scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef, trek the Inca Trail to Machu Piccu, catch barrel waves in Bali. For adventure travel inspiration on the most exciting getaways covered by travel insurance, and to discover why an annual travel insurance policy (covering 31 days of travel) is the best option for intrepid adventurers, read on.

Adventure Travel activities Annual Travel Insurance should cover

Riskier activities such as skydiving and bungee jumping aren’t usually covered by insurance policies, but there are so many other adventures out there that are. Whether you’re daydreaming about where to go on your next trip, or just like adding to your bucket list, the Adventure Travel trips below will give you plenty of ideas. Plus they’re all covered by Allianz Global Assistance travel insurance.

  • Glacier ice climb in New Zealand – The Franz Josef Glacier is one of the most impressive sights in the world, but why spend your time just looking at it when you can climb through it. With the help of some of New Zealand’s most experienced ice climbers, you can explore the pinnacles of blue ice up close. Your guides will teach you all the skills and techniques to hike through the glacier, surrounded by towering mountains and plunging waterfalls.

  • Explore Brazil’s most breath-taking national park – The Diamond Highlands in Brazil is an adventure traveller’s dream. Lose yourself in sand caves and diamond mines, swim under waterfalls, and spend any time you have left trekking through the forest. This region boasts some of the most stunning views in the world. So pack your camera and make sure your smart phone’s fully charged.

  • Ski 2 countries in 1 day – Add wintersports travel insurance to your yearly travel insurance and you’re covered on sand and snow for up to 31 days. For a ski and snowboard haven that suits all levels, take to the slopes at Avoriaz - the heart of the Portes du Soleil. The resort offers access to over 80 miles of pistes, with runs along the border of France and Switzerland.

  • Go wild - Discover magnificent scenery and wildlife on a safari drive in South Africa. Hop into a 4X4 on a guided safari tour and you’ll be taken to all the top spots to see lions, elephants, giraffe, leopards, buffalo, rhino…the list goes on. Whilst you’re in the area don’t forget to check out Table Mountain – it has more native species of plant than the whole of the UK!

  • Whizz down mountain bike trails in Switzerland – Switzerland is a playground for outdoor activities and if you have a chance to visit the mountains, there’s no better way to explore them than by bike. A labyrinth of cycle trails line the hilltops, with single tracks leading down to open fields, vast woodland and postcard-perfect lakes.

  • Windsurf in Italy –Sardinia is said to be one of the Med’s best-kept windsurfing secrets. For a quiet spot with good sailing conditions head North to Porto Pollo. You’ll take to the sea from the white sandy beach with grassy dunes lining the peninsula.

As we often say, it’s really important to check through your travel insurance policy for specific coverage details before your trip. Our annual multi-trip travel insurance policy will cover all of the above, but terms, conditions and exclusions do apply. For example, if you have existing medical conditions we can’t offer you Annual Travel Insurance, or if you have an accident under the influence of alcohol, unfortunately we won’t be able to cover any associated medical costs. Make sure you know all the details of your cover before you begin your adventure.

Why Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance is the best option for adventure travellers

Like any kind of travel, from cycle tours to following your favourite sports teams across the continent, Adventure Travel can easily become a lifestyle choice. And the more trips you go on, the more value you recoup with an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy vs. purchasing individual travel insurance policies for each trip. With an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy up to 31 days of adventure travel is covered. Most importantly, with an annual travel insurance plan you can jump from adventure to adventure safe in the knowledge that you have a reliable escape plan if you need it.

If you’re looking to buy insurance before your next trip, Allianz Global Assistance offers leading Annual Travel Insurance with:

  • A 24-hour emergency helpline, so we can help you anytime, anywhere.

  • Access to the 806, 901 medical providers that make up our global network.

  • A choice of Gold, Silver and Bronze cover levels.

  • The option to add Golf and Wintersports cover to your policy.

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