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Benefits Of Winter Sports

Winter brings with it the cheer of the festive season, which for many comes hand in hand with a much needed break from work.  So for those of you looking to make the most of the Christmas holiday why not consider escaping to the snow covered slopes. Winter sport holidays can be a great opportunity for a change of scenery and a chance to work off the Yuletide excesses. Try out your ski legs!  And if that’s not for you, walking up and down the slopes uses most of your muscles, giving your body a complete workout.  In addition, it gets the heart working faster which enhances general wellness and stamina.
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Here are some of the key benefits of winter sports:

Vitamin D exposure

Unlike in summer, we tend to spend most of our time indoors during the winter season. This results in a decrease in vitamin D which is fundamental for our wellbeing. However, going on a skiing vacation will help you catch some rays and fill up on vitamin D. Remember to protect your skin with sunscreen to prevent sun burn.

A ski holiday purifies your lungs and body

Escaping the polluted city weather to the mountain can only be good for your body and mind. The mountains’ fresh and pure air will help cleanse your lungs.

Improves weight loss

Skiing and snowboarding are quite intense and can help you burn a higher number of calories than any other sport. The good news is you don’t have to feel guilty for treating yourself to a cup of hot chocolate after skiing! On average an adult can burn up to 1000 calories per hour. You should however warm up your muscles first, to avoid injury.

Cardiovascular Health

Winter sports help strengthen your heart, as it increases the blood flow in the body and removes toxins.

Helps tone muscles

Skiing and snowboarding involve movements that engage the upper body muscles, abdominals, arms legs and the glutes, helping you build muscle mass, endurance and balance. Also, it is an activity that can be started from an early age, making it accessible for the whole family.

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