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Wedding Anniversaries

In the Holy Roman Empire, husbands crowned their wives with a silver wreath on the day of their 25th wedding anniversary and a golden wreath to mark their 50th. This tradition was upheld in medieval Germany, when the wife was presented by her friends and neighbours with a silver or gold wreath to congratulate the couple for the good fortune they had enjoyed for their years together.

Over time, the tradition has grown and now connects each stage of marriage with a gift, starting simply with paper and building up to gifts of more significance and stature to demonstrate the strengthening and deepening of the relationship. So after you’ve exchanged vows and wedding rings, celebrate the milestone achievements of your life together in true style. Be inspired by the traditions and let them lead you to many more adventures and happy days.

One year - Paper

Whether it’s a ticket to a concert by their favourite band, a West End show, or tickets to a weekend away somewhere, mark your first wedding anniversary by creating a new shared experience. Smile together when you think of where you were this time one year ago and look forward to many more memorable days ahead of you.

10 years - Tin

Tin has been mined, produced and traded in Cornwall for thousands of years. So why not spend some time together in the heart of the Celtic county of Kernow. Rugged coastline, beautiful beaches and quaint seaside towns make this an idyllic place to celebrate. Cornwall is bursting at the seams with culture, activities and some of the best restaurants and boutique hotels in the UK. Check out for ideas.

20 years - China

To celebrate 20 years, why not take afternoon tea in beautiful porcelain or fine bone china in one of the UK’s most prestigious hotels. From Claridges in London to The Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh, you can find fantastic offers on the traditional British afternoon tea up and down the country in truly luxurious settings.  Plus if there was ever an excuse to splash out on a few glasses of champagne, twenty years of marriage must be it!
Take a look at the Telegraph’s guide to the best afternoon tea in the UK:

If budget is not an issue and you’re looking for something to excite your cultural taste buds, why not book a trip of a lifetime and take tea in China - the birth place of porcelain and a nation which has hailed the medicinal and herbal benefits of drinking tea for over 4000 years. Visit the many tea houses in the Sichuan province in Southwest China to learn firsthand about the history, traditions and etiquettes involved – from how to use a porcelain Gaiwan to understanding the quality of the tea leaves. The Lonely Planet offers some great inspiration:

25 years - Silver

The service and atmosphere created by a front of house team is as crucial to a restaurant experience as the dishes created by the chefs. So on your silver anniversary, let yourselves be spoilt rotten in one of the UK’s many Michelin star restaurants and enjoy the luxury of silver service and a real foodie treat. Dinner looking a bit pricey? Look out for some fantastic lunch deals available nationwide. For a full list of the UK’s Michelin star restaurants, see:

30 years - Pearl

South sea pearls are prized by designers and collectors worldwide. Their unique satiny lustre, large size and subtle but beautiful range of colours make them very rare. The majority of white south sea pearls are cultured along the northwest coast of Australia, however the Philippines and Indonesia are quickly becoming the leaders in the production of the golden variety.
So for your 30th anniversary, why not skip the visit to the jewellers and instead, pack your backpacks and go straight to source.

Indonesia – stunning sandy beaches, dramatic volcanic ranges, lush tropical rainforest and wildlife ranging from orangutans to the Komodo dragon make Indonesia a destination like no others, with ample opportunities for adventure.

The Philippines – Stretches of un-touched white sandy beaches and warm tropical waters teaming with sea life make this destination perfect for those interested in snorkelling or diving. More than that, there are jungles and mountains to explore and the Filipino culture to get to know.

North West coast of Australia – Go off the usual tourist trail and see a different side of Australia – rugged and diverse, there is no shortage of unique holiday experiences to find in this part of the world. From outback adventures to aboriginal culture, to beaches and water sports, there is endless beauty to discover. 

For ideas and inspiration, check out these trusted travel guides:

40 years - Ruby

Make ruby red your theme when celebrating 40 years.
Why not tour the wine producing regions of France, Italy, Spain or even California. Expand your knowledge and enjoy sipping (or gulping) some of the world’s finest wines, as well as all the many other culinary delights these countries have to offer. After 40 years, you certainly deserve a drink or two!
Give this helpful article a read:

Red sea holidays – Stay away from the overcrowded tourist spots and the red sea cost offers some of the world’s greatest diving, beaches, desert and a huge amount of history to explore, including some of Christianity’s earliest sites. 
Read more at:

50 years - Gold

Celebrate your 50th with golden champagne from the champagne region. There may be many good imitations on the market but there is only place to get the real thing. Whether you’re enjoying it surrounded by loved ones at home, or you splurge on one of the many luxury tours of the French Champagne region, we believe these golden bubbles are a vital ingredient in the celebration of this milestone achievement. Get to know the region:

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