Travelling to Greece

The history, myth and legends that surround Greece have been capturing the imagination of British holidaymakers and tourists from around the world for many years. The unique personalities of the Greek islands mean that Greece can be anything you want it to be, providing holidays to suit all tastes and budgets. From action packed adventure trips to secluded romantic getaways; from precious family holidays in quaint seaside towns to raucous party scenes in purpose built resorts.

Whatever holiday you choose, the authentic Greek experience is about allowing yourself to sit back and enjoy the simple pleasures in life; the vibrancy of white sandy beaches against turquoise waters; traditional regional delicacies made from fresh local produce, often as local as the back garden; and the passion of the Greek people, whether they are discussing food, family or politics.

Despite the current economic challenges the country faces, Greek hospitality is as warm as ever and with the pound strong against the Euro, there are some fantastic deals on the market at the moment.

July and August are peak times with tourist numbers at their highest. It is likely to get very hot but be prepared for strong winds which often batter the beaches at this time and make it difficult for us Brits to recognise the strength of the sun. For better rates and more moderate temperatures, try May to late June or September.

Temperatures in the winter drop significantly and places often close down or become very quiet.

Flight times are approximately 4 hours from the UK, depending on exactly where you are going. You can fly directly to the main islands.
The currency is the Euro. 
Greece is two hours ahead of GMT time.
There are frequent demonstrations and strikes, usually in central Athens. There is also a general threat of terrorism which could indiscriminately affect locals and tourists. The FCO does not currently advise against travel to Greece however; make sure you keep up to date with their latest travel recommendations by visiting:
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