Top US cities to visit

Whether you’ve been to the USA or not, it’s likely you’ve got an opinion on it. Whether it comes from your favourite Hollywood movie or the latest political news story, rightly or wrongly, most of us have our own pre-conceived idea of what America and Americans are all about.

However, the truth is that the USA is so big it’s impossible to make sweeping generalisations - either about its landscape, its people or its culture. From the buzz and bright lights of cities such as LA, to the jaw dropping scenery of the Rocky Mountains, to the tropical beaches of Florida, nowhere else on earth offers such a vast, eclectic mix of places to visit.  It is full of contrasts, it faces its own cultural challenges, yet the great American Dream unites its people and drives it forward. They have a unique optimism, a hope for the future that is infectious – Americans applaud ambition, they congratulate success and they welcome new people with open arms. So whichever American adventure you choose, you can be sure of a warm welcome.

Where to start then?

Well how about ticking off a few of the big ones? So famous are these cities that they provide the backdrop to some of the world’s most famous movies and even have songs written about them. Here are a few good reasons to visit Las VegasNew York and Miami.