Travelling to Spain

holidaymakers in search of sun, sea and sangria. However, dig a little deeper and Spain offers so much more.

From the peaks of the Pyrenees to the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean, its vast landscape is as diverse as it is beautiful. A deep sense of tradition intertwines comfortably with the Spanish appetite to live for the present and make the most of every day. For foodies, Spain offers a culinary experience not to miss, while for those in search of a party, Spain’s love of fiesta makes it the party capital of the world.

From cosmopolitan cities, to quaint mountain villages and seaside towns, Spain offers a rich mix of culture, adventure, tradition and passion that will touch your soul and stay in your heart forever.

Spain has a diverse landscape and its climate can vary significantly depending on the region you are visiting, so always check the forecast.

However in general, you can expect hot and dry conditions from June to late August; the months of March to May and September to October can be a good time to travel for more moderate temperatures and less crowds.

During the winter season from November to February, the ski resorts are at their peak, whilst some of the beach resorts close down. It can be cold in central Spain and rainy in the North, but you may find some mild temperatures on the Mediterranean coast.

It takes approximately 2 to 2.30 hours to fly from the UK to Spain.
The Euro.
The UK Foreign Office advices that most visits to Spain are trouble-free, however you can keep up to date with the latest safety information by visiting their website: