Breaking down is often concerning for most, and depending on the circumstances it can cause some trauma for those involved. If you have broken down or you want to prepare yourself should you ever be in that situation, here is a step-by-step guide on what to do:

If you have broken down it is important to get out of the way of any moving traffic.

Should this happen on the motorway, dual carriageway, or other fast road, get to the left side of the road to avoid traffic. If you are on another type of road or in a suburban area, park up in the safest place possible at the side of the road.

Do not forget to turn on your hazard warning lights to highlight to other drivers to be careful when passing your vehicle.

It is important for everyone to get out of the car safely once you have parked it in a safe place. If you are on the motorway, you should get out of the passenger’s seat to avoid any oncoming traffic and potential incidents.

Once you, and anyone you are driving with, are out of the car you should move yourselves away from the road. Especially if it is a motorway as the fast-moving traffic can be extremely dangerous. 

If you have an RSA policy with a provider, you should contact them as soon as possible to assist you when you are on the road.

If you have a roadside assistance or breakdown policy with Allianz Assistance, please call 0800 777 107 if you’re in the UK, or 020 8603 9407 for calls outside of the UK and press option 1 for assistance.

Breaking down can be caused for a number of reasons, some of which are sudden and unexpected. However, there are ways to avoid a breakdown in the future:

·        It is important to thoroughly check your car before long journeys

·        Get timely MOTs so any issues with the car can be spotted and rectified before it is too late

·        Look after your vehicle and get any unexpected issues fixed in a timely manner

Having an Allianz Assistance Roadside Assistance policy can help you to be protected should you break down on the road. At Allianz Assistance, we offer a range of Mobility and Automotive products, such as Roadside Assistance and Extended Warranty. We can provide you with the peace of mind that you deserve when you are out on the road.