Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We’re working really hard to keep you in the loop as much as possible in the fast-changing circumstances. 

We want to help you wherever we can during these challenging times. If you’re struggling financially as a result of Coronavirus and are worried about the payments for your policy, or if you have a policy that you don’t think you’ll need now, such as an annual travel policy, please get in touch. We’ll discuss your options with you and work out how we can provide support.

Our call centres are very busy at the moment and we are trying to answer your questions as quickly as we can. If your query is non-urgent and you are not due to travel in the next two weeks, please don’t contact us yet, so we can prioritise people in need of urgent help or who are due to travel sooner.

In the meantime, we are regularly monitoring the situation and updating our Coronavirus single trip/backpacker and annual multi-trip FAQ pages. To find out more about the impact the outbreak is having on our travel insurance policies, please check the relevant FAQ before calling or emailing us.

We’d also like to highlight that travel insurance only protects against unforeseen circumstances getting in the way of your travel plans, so any policy you buy now will have very limited insurance coverage. While the Foreign and Commonwealth Office have advised against all but essential travel indefinitely, you will not be covered under our travel insurance policies if you decide to go ahead with your trip. 

Cruise Travel Insurance

With our Cruise Insurance cover, you get all the great benefits of our Single Trip and Annual insurance policies, but you're
also covered for risks that are unique to cruises, including:
  • Missed port departure:
    If you miss the ship, we’ll pay for transport costs so you can catch it at the next port.
  • Cruise interruption:
    If you fall ill and need to be hospitalised ashore, we’ll pay for the travel expenses so you can re-join the cruise when you’re feeling better.
  • Cabin confinement:
    We’ll pay up to your claim limit if you’re ill and the doctor confines you to your cabin. This also applies if there’s a medical situation on board that means you have to stay in your cabin.
  • Cruise itinerary changes:
    If there’s bad weather or a reason why your ship can’t make a scheduled stop, we’ll pay up to the limit shown on your policy.
  • Unused excursions cover:
    If you can’t make a trip or excursion due to injury, illness or the ship not being able to stop as scheduled, we’ll cover you for the unused cost.
To understand exactly what your Cruise cover includes and what exclusions apply, please carefully read your
policy information, and the terms and conditions of your cover.

Cruises are a great way to see the world, but they’re different to traditional ‘fly and stop’ holidays. Certain things that happen at sea usually aren’t covered by a standard policy, which is what makes Cruise travel insurance an essential add-on if you’re heading out on the open water.  

Cruise travel insurance is specifically designed for those holidaying on a ship. It accounts for unique issues, such as missing the cruise’s departure or being confined to your cabin. It even considers the fact that you’re moving from port to port, rather than staying in one place; the planned itinerary could change, and you may miss a port or not get chance to do an excursion you booked. With standard travel insurance, you wouldn’t be covered for these things. But, if you take out travel insurance with Cruise cover, you’re protected – so you can just enjoy your holiday. 

As with any travel insurance policy, the amount of money you pay for your travel insurance with cruise cover will depend on a number of factors, such as your age, whether you have any pre-existing medical conditions and the length of your trip.

The amount you pay will also depend on the level of cover you choose. Our travel insurance with cruise cover comes with two different policy levels: Silver and Gold. Each of these has a different payment limit and excess amount, so you can choose a level of cover to suit you.

To find out how much your Cruise holiday insurance will cost, you can get a quote today. Simply fill in your details and we’ll provide you with a quote for your trip. 

Though plenty of cruise holidays go without a hitch, the experience can be far from smooth sailing. You could have a virus outbreak on the ship, your luggage could go missing or you could miss a port because of bad weather. For this reason, specialist Cruise travel insurance is just as important as your passport.

Although Cruise travel insurance isn’t a legal requirement, it’s still incredibly important if you want to be covered while you’re at sea. With Cruise holiday insurance you can relax, knowing that you’ve got cover in place. 

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you may still be able to get Cruise travel insurance through our Single Trip policy. Please note that you cannot buy our Annual policy if you have a pre-existing condition.

Get a quote today for cruise travel insurance with medical conditions included and you’ll be able to see exactly how much your policy will cost and whether we can cover you.

When purchasing travel insurance with medical conditions included, you’ll need to provide us with details of any medical conditions you have. This way, we can make sure you’re properly covered in case you run into problems whilst you’re away.

Medical conditions shouldn’t keep you from exploring new destinations. We provide cruise travel insurance with medical conditions on selected policies, so you can set sail. With ease. 

Age shouldn’t be a barrier to travel. If you’re looking to take a cruise in your golden years, take a look at our travel insurance for seniors. 

If you’re planning on taking more than one holiday this year, buying Annual travel insurance with cruise cover can help you to save time and money.
From snorkelling to safari trekking, our Sports and Leisure travel insurance provides cover for a range of activities, so you get to enjoy new experiences with confidence.  

Just taking the one cruise this year? Then our Single Trip travel insurance with cruise cover is perfect. You can relax – surrounded by luxury – knowing you’re covered. 
Protect the family with Allianz Assistance. Whichever way you like to holiday, get insured for your next family trip with our comprehensive cover. 

Enjoy peace of mind on your next golfing trip – whether you’ll be in the UK or abroad – with our Golf insurance add-on.  
Whether you’re a seasoned skier or a first-timer, our Winter Sports and Ski cover offers protection when you hit the slopes.