Cruise Travel Insurance


We have a comprehensive Cruise add-on which, on top of the usual travel insurance benefits, also insures you for those risks
that are unique to cruisers, including:
  • Missed port departure.
    Should you miss the ship at the departure port,
    this will pay for the cost of any extra transport
    you may incur to get you on that cruise at its
    next port of call.
  • Unused excursions.
    Excursions and day trips are popular ways to
    see a little of the area where your ship may
    dock. Should you not be able to go on your
    pre-booked and pre-paid excursion due to
    injury, illness or the ship not being able to stop
    at a scheduled port, this will cover you for the
    unused costs.
  • Cruise itinerary change.
    With even the best of planning, sometimes
    cruise ships are unable to stop at a scheduled
    port due to bad weather or timetable
    restrictions. If this happens we will pay up to
    the limit shown on your policy schedule.
  • Cruise interruption.
    If you fall ill or are injured during your cruise
    and need to be hospitalised ashore, we’ll pay
    for travel expenses incurred to enable you to
    re-join the cruise at its next port of call, when
    you are better and able to get back to
    your holiday.
  • Cabin confinement.
    If you suffer from an illness or injury and the
    on-board doctor confines you to your cabin,
    we will pay you up to the limit of your policy.
    We will also provide this cover when the
    on-board doctor advises you not to leave your
    cabin due to a medical situation on board the ship.
Please check the policy wording for full terms and conditions and the cover levels applicable for each of the five elements of cover, within the cruise add-on.