New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The country is often compared to England, because of its beautiful rolling hills and green grass that is similar to the British countryside. New Zealand has so many things to do and see, it is unlikely you’ll be able to do everything the country has to offer in one trip.

From being surrounded by spectacular wildlife to spending some alone time in the mountains, you can truly go on an adventure when visiting New Zealand. You can enjoy exploring the natural wonders available in the country, if you’re a big fan of The Lord of the Rings, you can visit many of the locations the films were set, including Mount Doom located in Tongariro National Park.

For the adrenaline junkies out there, New Zealand is home to some amazing sites for sports, water activities, and long hikes. Go bungee jumping, kayaking, scuba diving and more when you visit.

Aside from the views and adventures available to enjoy in New Zealand, the friendly locals and rich heritage of the country is worth learning about and getting involved with during your visit. Many of us know that the Maori come from New Zealand. Famous for their unique tattoos and the Haka dance, the Maori mostly live in Rotorua, meaning this is a great place to learn more about the culture and see a traditional Haka for yourself.

To view some of the most beautiful scenes in New Zealand, we would recommend going to Fjordland National Park to Milford Sound to feast your eyes on the stunning rock faces, mountains and waterfalls. There are so many ways to travel New Zealand, but one of the most popular is to hire a campervan and explore when you want, how you want.

The official languages in New Zealand are English and Maori. Also, don’t forget to change your currency into New Zealand Dollars before you travel.

No matter your plans whilst you are in New Zealand, it is important that you take out travel insurance to protect yourself against many unforeseen eventualities.

Below is some information about our products, for which Terms & Conditions apply. Please visit the policy information hub for full details. 

Although most trips to New Zealand from the UK are trouble-free and taking out travel insurance isn’t a legal requirement, you should always view it as essential for your trip. We can never be certain that everything will go according to plan when away from home and that’s why it is important to protect yourself against unforeseen eventualities.

The weather in New Zealand is changeable and can be dangerous if you are exploring remote areas of the country. The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office recommend that you let the authorities, family, or friends know where you are going if you are travelling to areas that may mean you are stuck if bad weather hits.


Our  Single Trip, Annual Trip, and Backpacker policies are designed to help protect you when you visit New Zealand on holiday. Across our Single Trip and Annual policies, we also offer three levels of cover: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Depending on the level of cover you choose, you’ll be protected against:


  • Cancelling or curtailing your trip
  • Delayed personal possessions
  • Lost, stolen or damaged personal possessions*
  • Loss of personal money*
  • Emergency medical and associated expenses
  • Loss of passport*
  • Personal accident cover
  • Missed departures
  • Delayed departures
  • Personal liability
  • Legal expenses
  • End-supplier failure**
  • *Not available with Bronze level cover
  • **Only available with Gold level cover
  • Terms and Conditions apply.

If you are visiting multiple locations during your trip, maybe taking in New Zealand and Australia, you can purchase one Single Trip or Backpacker policy (simply select all the countries you will be visiting).

It might be more cost effective to purchase an Annual Multi-Trip policy, if you’re planning further trips in the year. If you are not intending travel to North America, you should select the Worldwide excluding USA and Canada area of cover.

Understandably, you can never be certain what the weather will be like when you visit somewhere. Although New Zealand is typically a warm country all year round, the Northern, Eastern and middle of New Zealand are warmer than the rest of the country.

 We’ve pulled together the best places for hot weather in New Zealand:

·       Hastings

·       Gisborne

·       Napier

·       North Island

·       Auckland

·       The East Coast

·       Queenstown

As New Zealand has favourable weather all year round, it is possible to have a wonderful holiday at any time of the year if you decide to visit.

However, if you want to enjoy comfortable weather conditions and fewer tourists when you visit, going in September-October or March-May would be the best time for you to go.

If you looking to travel New Zealand for a longer period of time, our Backpacker policy could be the perfect policy for you. This policy is suitable for those that are aged 50 and under and plan on travelling to New Zealand as a single trip or part of a bigger world adventure.
Many sports and leisure activities are covered on our standard travel insurance policies at no additional premium. From 5th May 2021 we will not be able to provide cover while you take part in riskier Category 2 and Category 3 sports and leisure activities like kite surfing and rugby. This is only a temporary measure while we make improvements to the booking engine of our website. Please keep an eye on the Allianz Assistance website in the future so you are aware when we are able to offer this additional cover again.  

This policy is designed for frequent travellers and can cover you and your family for a multitude of holidays. From romantic city breaks to fun-filled beach holidays, and more. 
From 5th May 2021 we will no longer be offering travel insurance policies to cover people’s pre-existing medical conditions. This is only a temporary measure while we make improvements to our online booking engine. Please keep an eye on the Allianz Assistance website in the future so you are aware when we are able to offer this additional cover again.

If you’re only planning on going away on holiday or for an extended trip once this year, then our Single Trip policy is perfect for you. It can help to protect you for up to 180 days at any one time.
Worldwide Travel Insurance can cover you from the cities of America to the beaches of Thailand. If you’re travelling the world, our worldwide travel insurance can help protect you if things don’t go quite to plan.
Travelling to New Zealand in a group? Our group travel insurance can provide cover for you and your travelling companions. This can cover groups of friends as well as family going on holiday in a group.