Travel insurance for Egypt

Egypt is a fascinating country, and the perfect destination for those seeking adventure. Over 96% of Egypt is officially classed as desert, but there’s still plenty to explore. From the mighty River Nile to the Pyramids of Giza and the souks and mosques of Cairo, Egypt’s a country that’s full of character and colour.

During your visit to Egypt, you can see the tomb of Tutankhamun in the Valley of the Kings, or take a Nile boat and visit the waterside temples. But trips to Egypt aren’t all about ancient history; the coastline’s packed with footprint-free beaches and vibrant coral reefs. So whether you’re searching for grand souks, ornate mosques, vast dunes, ancient fortresses or idyllic beaches, there’s plenty to explore.

Plus, the friendly locals will make you feel right at home. Many are followers of Islam and speak Arabic, but some locals speak English too. Egypt’s currency is the Egyptian pound, and the country has a reputation for being inexpensive and good value – just remember to take your bartering cap when you enter the bazaars and souks.

Whether you’ll be relaxing at the beach or discovering ancient civilisations, it's important that you get travel insurance for Egypt to help protect yourself against any unforeseen eventualities.

Below is some more information about our products, for which Terms and Conditions apply. Please visit the policy information hub for full details.

We offer three types of travel insurance: Single Trip, Annual and Backpacker. Across our Single Trip and Annual policies, we also offer three different levels of cover: Bronze, Silver and Gold. These have different payment limits and excess amounts.

When you take out travel insurance for Egypt, you can be protected against: 

  • Cancelling or curtailing your trip
  • Emergency medical and associated expenses
  • Loss of passport*
  • Delayed personal possessions
  • Lost, stolen or damaged personal possessions*
  • Loss of personal money*
  • Personal accident cover
  • Missed departures
  • Delayed departures
  • Personal liability
  • Legal expenses
  • End-supplier failure**
  • *Not available with Bronze cover
  • **Only available with Gold cover
  • Terms and Conditions apply.
If you have any activities planned, you can also choose to purchase additional cover. If you’re heading aboard a ship and embarking on the cruise of a lifetime, then our Cruise add-on can help protect you against things like itinerary changes, cruise interruptions and cabin confinement. Or, if you’re planning to play a few rounds of golf on some of Egypt’s world-class courses, our Golf cover can help protect you, your clubs and any green fees you’ve paid. Similarly, although our Egypt travel insurance covers you for a number of sports and leisure activities, you may fancy something a little more adventurous. If this is the case, you’ll need our Sport and Leisure Activities add-on. 

Travel insurance isn’t a legal requirement when you visit Egypt, but it is still something you should see as a necessity.

This is because Egypt’s public healthcare is generally poor outside large cities and private healthcare is incredibly expensive. Plus, even though we include cover for Egypt in our European travel insurance policies, an EHIC card is not valid in Egypt; you’ll be liable for the cost of your own healthcare if you don’t have insurance. Thankfully, with the right level of travel insurance for Egypt in place, you’ll reduce the worry about the cost of care helping to make sure your dream holiday won’t leave you out of pocket.

Similarly, crime is rare in Egypt, but you could lose your possessions or have them stolen by a pickpocket. If this is the case, travel insurance can help recover the cost to replace or repair your items.

The type of travel insurance for Egypt you require will largely depend on how often you plan to travel. If you’re only visiting Egypt once this year, then Single Trip travel insurance may be best suited to your needs. But, if you plan on taking more than one trip this year, then our Annual travel insurance could be a cost-effective option.

The type of insurance you require will also depend on who is travelling. If you’re taking a family holiday to Egypt’s stunning coastline, then Family travel insurance will allow you to include the whole gang on the same policy. Or, if you’re taking a trip with friends to visit the pyramids, then Group travel insurance may be a better choice. This way, you can include up to 12 adults on the same policy.

Finally, the best policy for you may also depend on how you plan to travel. For example, if you’re visiting Egypt as part of a cruise holiday, then our Cruise insurance can help protect you against cruise-specific risks like cabin confinement and itinerary changes.

Please note that although Egypt isn’t part of mainland Europe, for our annual policies, Egypt is included within our ‘Europe’ cover.

Before you travel to Egypt, you’ll need to be up to date with all routine vaccination courses and boosters recommended in the UK. Most travellers will also require hepatitis A and tetanus vaccinations. If you’re deemed to be at an increased risk, your healthcare professional may recommend hepatitis B, rabies and typhoid vaccinations.[1]

To understand which vaccinations you require, you should visit your healthcare practitioner 6-8 weeks before you travel. 

[1] Source: TravelHealthPro

If you’re travelling to resorts in Sharm el Sheikh, Dahab, Nuweiba and Taba for up to 15 days, you’ll receive free entry permission when you arrive in Egypt. If you intend to travel out of these areas, or stay in these areas for longer than 15 days, you must get a visa for your visit.

You can obtain a visa before you travel, either online or from your nearest Egyptian consulate. These visas are then valid for three months. If you arrive in Egypt without a visa, you’ll still be able to get one from approved bank kiosks within the airport. These are then valid for a maximum of 30 days.


In 2018, almost half a million Brits visited Egypt and most visits were trouble free. But there are still some things you should know before you travel.

Firstly, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) currently advises against all travel to the Governorate of North Sinai, and they advise against all but essential travel to:

  • The Governorate of South Sinai, except the area within the Sharm el Sheikh perimeter barrier, which includes the airport and the areas of Sharm el Maya, Hadaba, Naama Bay, Sharks Bay and Nabq.
  • The area west of the Nile Valley and Nile Delta regions, excluding the coastal areas between the Nile Delta and Marsa Matruh.

If you travel to one of these areas during your holiday to Egypt, then your insurance may be invalid, so please check the latest advice from the FCO before you travel.

Political tensions are also known to arise in Egypt, and you should always listen to the advice of Egyptian authorities during your trip. It’s unwise to get involved in any protests or demonstrations, as these can quickly escalate. You should also never publicise strongly negative opinions about Egypt or make political comments. There have been reports of derogatory comments on social media leading to custodial sentences.

You should also be aware that Egypt is culturally different to the UK and follows Islamic customs. This means that you should refrain from making public displays of affection towards your partner, as these are frowned upon.

Similarly, the way you dress in public is important. Shorts are only socially acceptable at beach resorts, while shirts for men and women should always cover the shoulders. If you’re visiting a site of cultural importance like a mosque, then men are expected to be covered from the shoulder to below the knee, while women should be covered from wrist to ankle. You’ll also be expected to remove your shoes or wear overshoes.

Before you arrive in Egypt, it’s wise to familiarise yourself with Islamic customs and traditions – particularly if you plan on leaving a resort regularly, or will be visiting the home of a local. 

Egypt’s a popular destination with people on a backpacking holiday. If you’re travelling the world, our Backpacker insurance can provide you with the cover you need. 

Taking the whole family on a holiday to Egypt? You can put everyone on one policy with our Family travel insurance. 

Planning on going on more than one holiday this year? Our Annual travel insurance can help cover you for an unlimited number of trips, so you could see the pyramids of Egypt, the Sydney Opera House and the Statue of Liberty in the same year.
If you’re heading to Egypt on a cruise, then it’s important that you have the right insurance. Our Cruise add-on can help protect you from cruise-specific risks like missed departures and cabin confinement. 

Visiting Egypt to get a glimpse of the mighty pyramids? If you’re only going on holiday once this year, you’ll find that our Single Trip policy is right for you. 
Whether you feel like bungee jumping or taking a camel ride across the Egyptian desert, we include many activities in our policies as standard. If you fancy something a little more adventurous, like sand dune surfing, then our Sports and Leisure Activities insurance could help cover you.

From El Gouna Golf Club to Dreamland Golf Resort, Egypt’s home to some of the world’s finest golf courses. If you’re considering a golf break in Egypt, then our Golf travel insurance is suitable for most travellers.