Travel Insurance for Seniors

When you reach retirement, the world’s your oyster and it’s time to fulfil all your dreams of cruising around the world or jetting off to sunny climes. But the older you get, the more important it becomes for you to take out a travel insurance policy for seniors that’s suited to your needs. At Allianz Assistance, we offer a range of travel insurance policies for some over 70s, so you can travel with confidence. Our Single Trip and Annual travel insurance policies are designed to cover people aged 75 and under, however if you are above the age of 75 visit our FAQs page for helpful advice on getting travel insurance.

Below is some more information about our products, for which Terms and Conditions apply. Please visit the policy information hub for full details.

Our Single Trip and Annual travel insurance policies both offer different levels of cover, so you can choose the policy that’s best suited to you.

If you’re searching for holiday insurance for the over 65s and you have pre-existing medical conditions that you need to declare, a Single Trip travel insurance policy is best suited to your needs. This is because our Annual travel insurance for over 65s does not include these conditions. You can get a travel insurance quote today to see whether we can cover your pre-existing medical condition.

When you choose our Bronze level of cover as part of our Single Trip or Annual insurance policies, you’re insured for: 

  • Cancelling or cutting short your trip, including pre-paid travel and accommodation expenses.
  • Emergency medical expenses such as hospital fees, repatriation (returning you home), inpatient benefit, funeral costs and dental costs if taken ill or injured during your trip.
  • Delayed personal possessions, including the cost to replace essential items temporarily lost by the transport provider on your outward trip.
  • Personal accident cover to compensate you, if you have a more severe accident during your trip.
  • Missed departures, including extra transport and accommodation costs to continue your trip if you miss your outward or return transport.
  • Delayed departures, including a benefit after a major delay to the outward or the return transport at the departure point, or the costs to abandon your trip before you leave the outward departure point.
  • Personal liability cover for damages or injuries you cause to a person or their property.
  • Legal expenses such as legal costs and representation to claim compensation from a third party responsible for your death, injuries or illness.
If you upgrade to the Silver or Gold levels of cover, you're also insured for: 
  • Loss of passport, including the costs to get temporary documents on your trip and a refund of the value of the period remaining on the lost passport.
  • Personal possessions cover for if your items are lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Personal money, including cash, traveller’s cheques and travel tickets that have been lost, stolen or damaged.

In addition, if you buy our Gold cover, you’ll have some further enhanced benefit levels, as well as insurance for the financial failure of the
end-supplier of your travel arrangements.

Each policy has a different benefit limit, so please read your insurance documentation thoroughly. There are exclusions that apply to our policies overall, and specific exclusions that apply to certain sections of our policies, so it’s important that you understand these and know exactly what you’re covered for. You should also remember that your policy will have an excess amount you’ll need to pay if you make a claim.

In addition, you can also buy an add-on for your policy, such as Cruise travel insurance for over 65s. This protects you against cabin confinement, missed excursions, changes of port stops and cruise interruption. We also offer Golf cover, so you can be insured against a loss of green fees and delayed golf equipment.

Yes, both our Single Trip and Annual travel insurance policies are only available to those aged 75 and under. Our Backpacker policy is only available to people aged 35 and under, so sadly it doesn’t cover senior citizens.

If you’re over the age of 75 then there’s no need to panic. You may still find a specialist insurer who can handle your seniors travel insurance policy. Visit our FAQs page for helpful advice on getting travel insurance if you’re older than our maximum age limit. 

Whether you take out a Single Trip or Annual travel insurance policy with Allianz Assistance, you can get telephone or video  consultations with a UK GP, wherever you are and whatever the time.

If you’re travelling within  Europe, then you can get a private prescription for your medication while you’re away. Your prescription can be authorised electronically, and the medication can be sent to you. Please note that you will have to pay for the cost of the medication and the cost of the delivery. The policy also excludes the cost of any medication that you were prescribed before you travelled.

If you’re going on a cruise, you should take out cruise holiday insurance for senior citizens. These policies cover hazards that are unique to cruises, like missing a port or cabin confinement.

Cruising the world is a lifelong ambition for many of us, and retirement is the perfect time to set sail. Whether you’re looking to cruise around the Mediterranean, hop around the Caribbean islands or explore the Far East, you can with our add-on Cruise cover. With our cruise insurance for the over 65s, you can relax and watch the world go by, knowing you’re covered. 

Having a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) will entitle you to the government-provided healthcare of the European Union country you are visiting, lowering the medical costs you would normally expect to pay. Although this is a good addition to take on holiday, having a travel insurance policy as well could provide you with further protection and peace of mind whilst you are abroad. Our travel insurance policies can protect you against many unforeseen eventualities.

A lot of bank accounts or credit cards come with varying levels of travel insurance cover. Although some may be comprehensive and suitable for most trips, they may not cover you for everything you have planned whilst you’re away. If you have adventurous plans or unusual excursions booked for your trip, you might not be covered. Make sure you look into the travel insurance policy that you have before every trip, to make sure it’s suitable for you and your plans.

Purchasing a holiday using a credit card means you are often protected by Consumer Protection cover that is offered on purchases when a provider defaults and you are unable to receive your goods (or in this case, go on your holiday). This means that, in most cases, you can get your money returned to you before going on your trip.

If you have booked a holiday through a tour operator or travel agent, it may be worth checking if you are covered by ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) or ATOL (Air Travel Organiser’s License). This type of cover means that your package holiday is protected if, for example, the travel company providing your holiday arrangements or the travel agent themselves fail financially or close down. Your travel agents will be able to tell you if your holiday is ABTA or ATOL protected. Alternatively, use the links provided to check your cover at home.
Travel the world in style with a cruise holiday. Our Cruise travel insurance includes cover for the over 65s, so you can sail away without a care in the world. 
If you’re planning to travel more than once this year, why not consider buying Annual travel insurance for the over 65s? It can save you time and effort, because the one policy can cover you for multiple trips.
Fancy playing golf in the sunshine? Our Seniors travel insurance can be upgraded to include golf cover, so you’ll only need to worry about booking a tee time.
Get active on holiday with our Sports and Leisure insurance. Here at Allianz Assistance, we provide cover for a range of activities including cricket, fishing and swimming. 
Whether you’re holidaying in the UK, Europe or somewhere else in the world, our Single Trip travel insurance for seniors offers protection whilst you’re away.
It can be hard to find travel insurance when you’ve got pre-existing medical conditions, but selected policies from Allianz Assistance include cover for many of these medical conditions – so you can enjoy your holiday knowing you’re insured. 
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Medical Solutions 24/7 GP telephone and video consultations
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Customers who have bought our travel insurance can arrange a medical consultation with a UK GP, to talk through your medical concerns, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Alternatively, you'll be able to speak to them face to face by booking an online video consultation*.

*For video consultations, time restrictions apply and UK Bank Holidays are excluded.
Alternative Cover Options For Pre-existing Medical Conditions

If you have a pre-existing medical condition that we are unable cover under our own policies, you may be able to obtain an alternative travel insurance policy to cover pre-existing medical conditions by contacting our partner Free Spirit.

Visit: the Free Spirit website 
Call: 02393 419 852 and quote MAG10000 (Lines are open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday).

Free Spirit are featured in the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) directory of specialist travel insurance providers for people with serious medical conditions. Do take time to study and compare the terms and conditions to ensure you have the cover you need. To contact the Money Advice Service for further details of the directory

Call: 0800 138 7777 (lines are open Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm)