Travel Insurance for within the UK

We are often not aware of or make the most of what is available to do on our doorstep. If you are contemplating a getaway, but don’t enjoy travelling to the airport or the queues when you get there, you could make the most out of where you already are by exploring the United Kingdom for your holiday instead.

Every year, many tourists come to the UK to enjoy our beaches, small towns, large cities, and famous countryside. The UK offers so many different experiences in one place. From the mysterious Cornwall coves to the bustling capital of London, there are a world of opportunities available in the UK.

Hike through the Scottish Highlands, explore the rolling valleys of Wales, or do a Game of Thrones tour to see all the famous filming locations in Northern Ireland. The beauty of exploring your own country is that you often spend less on travelling costs, you don’t have to spend long hours waiting in the airport, and you can avoid expensive hire car costs if you have your own car.

You can still have an eventful holiday when exploring the UK. Many of the UK’s beaches are excellent for surfing and rivers throughout the country are perfect for a peaceful canoeing trip. Why not visit the Lake District to scramble Striding Edge? You could even complete the National Three Peak Challenge and climb the three highest peaks of Ben Nevis in Scotland, Snowdon in Wales, and Scafell Pike in England.

The United Kingdom is the perfect rural getaway, suitable for almost any trip you have your heart set on. Relax, explore, or go on an adventure in the United Kingdom.

Whatever you plan on doing in the UK, it’s important you get travel insurance when you are on a trip away from home. This will help to protect you against many unforeseen eventualities, especially if you plan on doing any adventurous activities.

Below is some more information about our products, for which Terms and Conditions apply. Please visit the policy information hub for full details.

It isn’t a legal requirement to take out travel insurance for any holiday you go on, and it is less widely considered a necessity when you are traveling within the UK. However, it is important to remember that wherever you go on holiday, whether that be at home or abroad, unforeseen circumstances can happen that require you spending money to fix.

Although we have the NHS to help to protect us with any medical needs or emergencies when we are on holiday in the UK, there are other things that you might benefit from having covered by a travel insurance policy. These include:

  • Cover for lost or stolen luggage
  • Travel delays
  • Cancellations

Not all trips in the UK will need cover, but it is worth thinking ahead about what you plan to do and the type of trip you are going on, to see if you will benefit from having cover should something go wrong.

Our Single Trip, Annual Trip, and Backpacker policies are designed to help protect you when you travel around the UK on holiday. Across our Single trip and Annual policies, we also offer three levels of cover: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Depending on the level of cover you choose, you’ll be protected against:
  • Cancelling or curtailing your trip
  • Delayed personal possessions
  • Lost, stolen or damaged personal possessions*
  • Loss of personal money*
  • End-supplier failure**
  • Personal accident cover
  • Missed departures
  • Delayed departures
  • Personal liability
  • Legal expenses
  • *Not available with Bronze cover
  • **Only available with Gold cover
  • Terms and Conditions apply.
We also have a number of add-ons that you can purchase for your trip that will provide you with additional cover. For example, if you are planning on doing some activities on your trip within the UK that could pose potential risks, our sports and leisure cover could help to give you peace of mind when you are taking part in these activities. 

The NHS facilities in Northern Ireland will provide emergency cover for people visiting from England. However, if you are travelling to Northern Ireland and find that you come across other unforeseen circumstances, such as travel delays, lost or stolen property, or cancellations, travel insurance may help to protect you.

Taking out a travel insurance policy can help to protect you if the worst should happen when you are travelling or on holiday.

When travelling around the UK, it is important to be safe and protected. Although travel insurance isn’t a legal requirement, it can offer you the safety blanket to protect you against most unforeseen circumstances.

You should look at what you plan to do when you are away, and think about whether taking out travel insurance prior to your trip is necessary. If you are partaking in adventurous activities, our sports and leisure travel insurance add-on could help to protect you during your time away.

Allianz Assistance travel insurance helps protect you and your holiday when you are travelling in the UK or abroad. We also help provide the support you need to handle the unexpected.

Our holiday insurance can be used to cover medical expenses, trip cancellations, delays, lost or stolen baggage, and personal liability. We offer a policy for most types of travel so, whether you’re heading on a family holiday, a business trip, or exploring a city, we’ve got you covered.

If you are planning on travelling around the UK and seeing a variety of different areas, our Backpacker policy could be perfect for you. If you are aged 35 and under and plan on travelling the UK as a single trip or part of a bigger world adventure, we can help protect you during the trip of a lifetime.  

There are a whole host of activities to take part in when visiting the UK. From climbing mountains to visiting underground caves. If you are planning to embark on an adventure in the UK, this additional cover could help to protect you.

This policy is designed for frequent travellers and can cover you and your family for a multitude of holidays. From romantic city breaks to fun-filled beach holidays, and more. 



If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you might be concerned about travelling abroad and would prefer to stay within the UK. Why not get a quote today to see if our additional cover is right for you.   

If you’re only planning on going away on holiday or for an extended trip once this year, then our Single Trip policy is perfect for you. It can help to protect you for up to 180 days at any one time.

Worldwide Travel Insurance can cover you from the cities of America to the beaches of Thailand. If you're travelling the world, our worldwide travel insurance can help protect you if things don't go quite to plan.

Travelling the UK in a group? Our group travel insurance provides cover for up to 12 travelling companions going on a trip together. This can cover groups of friends as well as family going on holiday together.