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How baggage insurance works

Baggage cover could protect you in the event that your luggage is lost, delayed, damaged or stolen. 

When heading away on holiday, there’s not much that’s more frustrating than arriving at your destination after a tiring journey only to wait for hours at the baggage carousel waiting for your luggage which never arrives.

Depending upon the length of your trip it might be the case that you have to wait until you return to the UK in order to be re-united with your bags. This is where baggage cover comes in, by protecting you in the event that your bags are delayed, lost, stolen or damaged. 

You may also see baggage cover called baggage insurance or luggage insurance. In any case these are designed to cover you if your bags are lost, stolen, delayed or damaged.

Even though baggage cover can’t find or recover your belongings, it could help to recoup some of the costs and inconvenience caused to your trip.

Our single trip, annual multi-trip or backpackers travel insurance provides you with cover in the unfortunate event that your luggage goes on an unexpected detour.

Baggage cover will pay out compensation if during your holiday your belongings are stolen, damaged, lost or delayed.

Our baggage cover comes included on our Silver and Gold level single trip and annual multi-trip travel insurance policies and our backpacker policies. The cover is split into two sections.

  • Delayed personal possessions
    This section of cover pays out after a delay of 12 hours or more in your personal possessions arriving at your holiday destination. Under this section of cover we can pay out up to £200 on our Gold level single trip travel insurance or annual multi-trip travel insurance policies.
  • Personal possessions
    This section provides a pay out in the event that your personal possessions are damaged, stolen, lost or destroyed during your trip. We will be able to assist by either paying for the cost of repairing, replacing the items or replacing with equivalent items. Under this section of cover we can pay out up to £2,000 on our Gold level single trip travel insurance or annual multi-trip travel insurance policies. 
To understand exactly how baggage cover (personal possessions and delayed personal possessions cover) works, what's included and what exclusions apply, please carefully read your policy information, and the terms and conditions of your cover.
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