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Travel Insurance FAQs

We pride ourselves on being there for our customers and keeping them safe. We know that buying travel insurance can be overwhelming and confusing. That’s why we’ve tried to clear up as much as possible and answer the most important questions below.

These questions relate only to the Allianz Assistance branded single trip, backpacker and annual multi-trip policies available on this website. For information on other policies underwritten by AWP P&C SA and administered by Allianz Assistance or sold through our partners please refer to your policy wording for the customer service contact details.

The advice below was last updated on 02/03/2022. To the best of our knowledge this information is correct at the time of writing

Please note that the questions below are there to help with general questions about travel insurance and the products we offer. If you'd like to read some more specific advice relating to Brexit or Covid-19 you can visit our Brexit and Covid-19 FAQ pages for more information.

Current Ukraine situation

Our travel insurance policies require our customers to follow the Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office ( FCDO  ) travel advice.  There are three levels of FCDO advice:

•            no advice against travel;

•            advice against all but essential travel; and

•            advice against all travel.

Cover is valid when there is no FCDO advice against travel. Consideration will be given for 'Essential Travel' so long as evidence can be provided in the event of a claim to support that the nature of the trip made travel essential. There is no cover provided for travel to any destination the FCDO have advised against all travel to, regardless of the reason for the trip.

The FCDO travel advice changed on 11 February 2022 to ‘against all’ travel to Ukraine and advice for British travellers was to leave Ukraine immediately, if safe to do so.

You should regularly monitor the FCDO travel advice, particularly if visiting countries in and around this region.

General exclusions to our policy

Allianz Assistance travel insurance policies exclude any claim arising from:

1      War, invasion, hostilities (whether war is declared or not), civil war, civil commotion, rebellion, revolution, uprising, military force, terrorism (except for claims made under section 2 ‘Emergency medical and associated expenses’ and section 7 ‘Personal accident’) or weapons of mass destruction.

As the FCDO have advised against all travel to Ukraine, we will not consider claims related to travel to this destination while the FCDO travel advice is in force.

If you’re needing to make a claim for the cancellation of a trip to Ukraine booked before 11 February 2022, please be advised that the policy does not provide cover for cancelling or cutting short a trip as a result of changes in FCDO travel advice. This is in addition to the above exclusion. We would instead advise the following:

•           You should speak to your travel provider in the first instance to see if a trip amendment, postponement or refund is possible (if they offer you a voucher, you may have a right to decline this and continue to insist on a cash refund instead).

•           If your travel provider does not give you a refund and you paid for your trip on a debit, credit or charge card, you can try and claim a full cash refund from your card issuer within 120 days of the trip start date.

•           If you paid for your trip using PayPal within the last 180 days, you may be entitled to make a claim under their Buyer Protection service.

If you have any questions regarding your travel insurance please contact our Services Team by email: phone: 020 8603 9653 or writing to: Allianz Assistance Travel insurance, 102 George Street, Croydon, CR9 6HD.