Things to do in the Dominican Republic

Here’s our top five things to do whilst in the Dominican Republic:

From mid-January to mid-March, Samana Bay in the North East of the country sees over 1,500 hump back whales migrate from the North Atlantic to gather for mating season. The area is widely considered to one of the best places in the world to spot whales, with the males at their most animated as they try to impress the females, whilst in the sheltered inner bay, newborn calves can be seen swimming alongside their mothers.

This is a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity to see these beautiful animals in their natural habitat. Make sure you research reputable tour providers before you leave.

The Dominican Republic is a great choice of destination for those looking to get outdoors and get active whilst on holiday.
If it’s water sports you enjoy, spot manatees whilst snorkelling along the southern coast, windsurf at the northern resort of Cabarete, catch sea bass and red snapper on a deep sea fishing tour from your hotel or go white water rafting and kayaking from the mountain resort of Jarabacoa.
If you prefer to stay on dry ground, why not embark on a mountain biking tour across the island’s peaks or a horse riding trip set against stunning backdrops.
Finally, the Dominican Republic has quickly and quietly become a premier destination for golfers, with approximately 30 magnificent courses spread across the island’s resorts

Merengue is the Dominican Republic’s national dance. It allegedly dates back to the 1850s but remains an integral, exhilarating part of the country’s modern day culture.

Originally the dance was performed individually, but today, it is danced in pairs, with each partner holding the other close and moving in a variety of fluid two step movements that are mesmerizing to watch. Beginners can learn and are encouraged to take part, in fact there are some great dance schools for those who wish to truly embrace the art-form.  You can experience the atmosphere of an authentic merengue performance all over the country; at national festivals such as the Festival del Merengueis, in gritty urban nightclubs, at lively tourist resorts, or booming from street corners in remote villages. You’ll be intoxicated both by the rhythms of the music as well as the passion of the party loving, live-for-today locals. 

The Dominican Republic is a beach-lovers paradise. Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata and Punta Cana boast some of the best beaches on the island and have become well established, well-loved hotspots for tourists from all over the world.
However, if you’re willing to explore, there are plenty of newly emerging beach resorts popping up all over the island, for example on the Samaná Peninsula in the North East, or remote corners of the Jaragua Peninsula in the south west.
Of particular note is Playa Rincón, consistently rated one of the top beaches in the Caribbean.
Baseball is more than just a game in the Dominican Republic, it’s a national passion and a source of deep national pride. Many of the USA’s most popular and successful baseball players come from DR. In fact despite a relatively small population, the Dominican Republic has produced over 500 Major League baseball players to date, more than any other non-U.S. country.
You can experience this nation’s passion, devotion and pure joy for their sport at a game in the annual Winter Season Baseball Championship. The league’s six teams compete several nights a week. Estadio Quisqueya in Santo Domingo is the home venue for two rival teams, Leones del Escogido and the Tigres del Licey, and therefore a great venue to head to take in the sights and sounds of this unique cultural experience that is so more than just a game.