Children's Travel Insurance

Let them explore the world with the protection of under-18s travel insurance.
If your child is heading off on a trip without you, then having adequate children’s travel insurance cover in place for them is key to ensuring peace of mind for you and the necessary protection for them as they embark on their journey. Below we’ll explain how travel insurance for under-18s works and all the key details you need to know to get the cover they need.

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office recently identified that young travellers are more likely to head abroad without travel insurance than other age groups, and that this is more common for those travelling to Europe.  

No matter where your child is visiting, travel insurance adds a layer of protection in case the unexpected happens – whether that be medical emergencies, cancellations, lost possessions, stolen passports or much more. 

Protect the younger members of your family in just 3 minutes with travel insurance for under-18s.

There are a few options on how to cover your child depending upon if they are travelling alone or with adults.

If your child is travelling with relatives, then our family travel insurance policies may represent a good choice to cover all of your loved ones on one more easily manageable policy.

If your child is travelling with a group of friends or with non-family members then our group travel insurance allows you to cover the entire group under one policy. Or else you can elect to take out an individual travel insurance policy just for your child.

For children under 18 travelling alone our single trip travel insurance and backpacker travel insurance policies may represent the best fit. Single trip policies cover travel for up to 90-day holidays within any 180 day period and there is no lower age limit so no matter when they plan to travel they’ll be protected.

Our backpacker travel insurance is more suitable for gap year students or those planning a lengthy trip away. There is no lower age limit with these policies and they provide up to 365 days of continuous cover

We also offer annual multi-trip travel insurance, however, you should be aware that under-18s may only travel independently if travelling with at least one adult aged 18 or over and with the full knowledge and consent of an insured parent or guardian. This could be a good option for families travelling twice or more per year as it usually works out cheaper and the knowledge of knowing your covered for every trip you take in a 12 month period.

Importantly, remember that an adult over 18 will need to purchase the policy on behalf of the child.

Having a good travel insurance policy in place is important particularly where your children are concerned, and no matter how responsible they are sometimes the unexpected happens, and that’s where children’s travel insurance could help. Below are just some of the benefits of our policies for those under 18.

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Emergency medical associated expenses
GP 24/7 Online
Personal Accident
Personal Possessions
Sports and Activities
Up to 78 activities (including winter sports and ski cover)
Up to 78 activities (including winter sports and ski cover)
Up to 78 activities (including winter sports and ski cover)
For full details of the cover we offer, including terms, conditions and exclusions please read the policy documents.
If there are specific activities that your child plans to take part in whilst your away then you may need extra cover to ensure they are protected, this may be the case for winter sports and skiing holidays. Below are a few considerations worth looking into to make sure they've got the cover they need.
If your child is heading on a ski trip, then our winter sports and ski add on helps protect them against delayed ski equipment, piste closure, loss of ski pass and much more.
Many sports and leisure activities are covered on our standard travel insurance policies at no additional premium. From 5th May 2021 we will not be able to provide cover while you take art in riskier Category 2 and Category 3 sports and leisure activities like kite surfing or rugby. This is only a temporary measure while we make improvements to the booking engine of our website. Please keep an eye on the Allianz Assistance website in the future so you are aware when we are able to offer these additional covers again.
If you’re planning the journey of a lifetime, then let us protect you fo ryour next adventure with our backpacker travel insurance.
Medical solutions icon
HealthHero 24/7 GP telephone and video consultations
Medical solutions icon
Our travel insurance policies provide you access to HealthHero – a 24/7 GP telephone and video consultation service* – which connects you with a UK GP to provide the reassurance and professional medical advice you need while you’re travelling abroad.
*For video consultations, time restrictions apply and UK Bank Holidays are excluded.

Many bank accounts and credit cards come with some level of travel insurance cover. While some may be comprehensive, they may not cover you for everything you have planned whilst you’re away, particularly if you have adventurous plans or unusual excursions booked. 

Make sure you look into the travel insurance policy that you have before every trip, to make sure it’s suitable for you and your plans.

Purchasing a holiday using a credit card means you are often protected by Consumer Protection cover. In most cases, it allows you to get your money returned to you if your provider defaults and you cannot travel.

If you have booked a holiday through a tour operator or travel agent, it may be worth checking if you are covered by ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) or ATOL (Air Travel Organiser’s License). This type of cover means that your package holiday is protected if, for example, the travel company providing your holiday arrangements or the travel agent themselves fail financially or close down.

Your travel agents will be able to tell you if your holiday is ABTA or ATOL protected. Alternatively, use the links provided to check your cover at home.

Having a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) will entitle you to the government-provided healthcare of the European Union country you are visiting and lowering the medical costs you would normally expect to pay. Although this is a good addition to take on holiday, it should not be seen as a replacement for travel insurance which could provide you with further protection and peace of mind whilst you are abroad. Our travel insurance policies can protect you against many unforeseen eventualities.
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