Travelling to Dubai

With incredible ambition, Dubai has grown to become a city associated with unashamed and unparalleled luxury, glamour and extravagance. Built on a huge scale, Dubai is like Disneyland for adults! For some it epitomises consumerism and self indulgence, for others it is a haven of sun, sea and shopping. Taken at face value, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Dubai is nothing more. Dig a little deeper though and you will find that Dubai is a melting pot of cultures, where tradition meets modern day vision openly and peacefully.

Emiratis actually only make up a fraction of the population, the city’s mix of Arabs, Iranians, Indians, Filipinos and Europeans mean it has a cosmopolitan population which is influencing its developing culture and encouraging change, in a way that other cities in the region are not yet experiencing.

Whatever you think, it is difficult not to admire the city’s determination to become one of the world’s most desirable destinations - to live, work and holiday. Developments such as the Burj Khalifa continue to break records; they aim to be bigger and better, to surpass people’s expectations and go beyond imagination.

Dubai’s popularity amongst British expats and tourists continues to grow in equal measures.

If you are planning a holiday, temperatures cool slightly from November to March. If you want to hit the beach and pool, the ideal time to visit is in spring and autumn, which provide good sunbathing conditions without being unbearably hot. The summer can see blistering heats of over 40 degrees Celsius which many residents choose to escape by holiday elsewhere – however, tourists are starting to make the most of the budget deals that can be found at this time.