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The 20 Mediterranean islands you must visit in your lifetime

Is it the sea, the strange sense of security, or just that wonderful feeling of escaping from life on the mainland that makes an island break so special? Whatever the exact chemistry, islands, make brilliant holliday destinations, and nowhere more so than in the Mediterranean in summer. With the help of our experts, we've created the definitive list for this summer - selecting the best island in each of 10 categories, with a runner-up in case you fancy somewhere different.
Best for beaches
Best for luxury
Best for families
Best for culture
Best for romance
Best for partying
Best for value
Best for watersports and sailing
Best for peace and quiet
Best for walking

Getting there

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Contributors: Marc Dubin (Naxos, Corfu, Santorini, Patmos, Mykonos); Nick Trend (Sicily, Cyprus, Kefalonia, Corsica); Annie Bennett (Formentera, Mallorca), Rob Andrews (Sardinia); Peter Hughes (Cavallo); Belinda Maude (Ibiza); Juliet Rix (Malta); Joanna Symons (Menorca); Oliver Smith (Lefkada); Jane Foster (Vis); Brian Jackman (Crete).


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