Holidays in Thailand

White sandy beaches, lush tropical jungle, bountiful rice paddies, secluded island paradises and big buzzing cities teeming with life, Thailand is a tropical paradise like no other.

Arrival in Bangkok for the first time can be an overwhelming, heady experience. The heat, the pollution, the sheer number of people takes a little bit of adjusting. However, once you start to explore, you’ll find centuries of history sitting comfortably next to the bright lights of Koh San Road and a fascinating combination of old meets new at every corner of the city. From sophisticated restaurants in modern day skyscrapers, to unbelievable street food from ramshackle food carts. Bangkok is a city in which to get lost, so take a deep breath and dive in.

Once you’ve exhausted Bangkok, you’ll want to find a place to rest. Hop between the many beautiful islands for relaxed beach living, peppered with some world-class diving and the most infamous beach parties on the globe.

Back on the mainland, head north to Chiang Mai, a city which has managed to keep its laid back, traditional feel despite its significant economic growth. A large student population and high volumes of backpackers give it a cool, urban, artsy edge, whilst its spiritual history can be explored in its temples and museums. Chiang Mai is a great base for discovering Thailand’s hill tribes, whilst cooking courses, meditation classes and massage masterclasses will help give you the full Thai experience.

Finally, one of the most joyous things about Thailand is the warmth and generosity of the Thai people. Embrace and respect their culture and you’ll be rewarded by some of the best hospitality in the world.

In general, it is very warm and humid, however, peak time for tourists is November to April during the dry period, whilst the wet period runs from May to October.

Make sure you check before you travel though, as the weather in Thailand can vary significantly from north to south and from island to island.
The currency in Thailand is the Thai Baht.
Flight time to Bangkok is approximately 13 hours.
The political situation in Thailand can be volatile and there have been recent incidents of unrest and terrorism.
There have also been many incidents of violence against tourists, as well as reports of scams, pickpocketing and robberies.
Ensure you read the full safety advice from the UK Foreign Office before you travel, and keep up to date with any changes.